Never a Bad Hair Day!

About our Wigs -

I have worn wigs on and off over the last 50 years and  wanted to bring an affordable line into the store... and I have!   These are quality synthetic wigs starting at $60 (some samples as low as $25)!  There are a few dozen wigs in the store and an entire catalogue full to choose from as well.    

We have not only synthetics, which I personally prefer, but also have available human hair, monofilaments hand-knotted, lace fronts, and Versafiber (synthetics on which you can use heat appliances).  

All of our wigs are appropriate for chemo patients, as well anyone suffering from Alopecia, thinning hair, and for those who just want a change!    You will be spoiled once you cut your hairstyling time down to a minute, as that's all it takes to flip on a wig and go!   Nevermind your "hair" has never looked so good!

Stop by for a one-on-one consultation with Linda.   An appointment is preferable, though Sundays are recommended for walk-ins.

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