2018 Consignment Terms:

We Consign by Appointment Only!


CONSIGNMENT PERIOD:   60 days unless a gown or designer bag, then 120 days. 

PERCENTAGE SPLIT:  Consignor will receive 40% of the final sales price of their merchandise.  DC will maintain a computerized list of all merchandise consigned.    The Consignor may request a copy of this list at any time, and will receive one via e-mail as soon as items are on the sales floor. 

MERCHANDISE PRICING:   Merchandise will be priced at approximately 1/3 of retail unless new, with tags, and then we can price as high as 50% of original price, but ultimately items are priced to sell. 

PRICE REDUCTIONS:   We reduce prices at the following points, which will also be printed on our tickets:  

30 days  -  items are reduced by 25%  (this does not apply to gowns or designer bags)

60 days - items will be reduced by 50%, but at this point items become property of DC, to be donated when we feel it is appropriate, OR will be returned to Consignor if they have so elected. 

Sales, Promotions, End-of-Season - From time to time, and at the sole discretion of DC, slow moving merchandise may be reduced in price for special sales.  

PAYMENT TO CONSIGNORS:  Payouts are only made “Upon Request”.  Request should be made via phone (413-569-1368) or e-mail (DesignerConsignor@aol.com) to allow DC time to prepare a check.  We pay out four (4) times a year, so you will want to call sometime after each of these cutoff dates...

CHECKS WILL BEGIN TO GENERATE ABOUT TWO WEEKS AFTER CUTOFF DATES:      2/15 – 5/15 –  8/15 – 11/15     Checks will be mailed IF OVER $20   OR   can be held in your file   OR   you can accumulate and use as store credit in lieu of taking a payout check.

MERCHANDISE IS RETURNED IF REQUESTED.   Any unsold items will be returned at the end of a 60 day Consignment Period if Consignor notes specific items when merchandise is initially consigned.

We will send you an e-mail to pick up your items 7 days before your contract ends.   But also CALENDAR YOUR 60-DAY DATE!  Items left more than two weeks after this date will ABSOLUTELY become store property and available for us to donate!  Please call us before stopping by to pick up returns.  If you do not, you may have to pull them yourself if we are busy!   If you call ahead, we will do our best to pull them before you come in.  (Tax receipts are available should you decide to donate your consigned items.) 

 Designer Consignor will make its best effort to advertise, merchandise, sell and care for all consignments.  However, all consignments are left at Consignor’s risk.  DC is NOT responsible for any lost, stolen or otherwise damaged merchandise, to include fire or water damage.